What do I do when I receive my donuts?

Your Donuts Have Arived!

Upon receiving your gourmet donuts they will be sealed in food grade packaging, once opening the packaging the smell of fresh made donuts enters the room “mmmmmmm”.

The urge to start eating them is just to much to wait, hold on there friends, our donuts are very enjoyable no matter how they are eaten, however there is a secret that will make them taste as if they had just come off the cooking line.

The Next Step

Our donuts are sometimes shipped with frosting cups that contain the flavor of the month, before adding the frosting and digging right in, preheat your gourmet donuts on a heat safe platter in the oven on 150 deg F for 5-8 min or in the microwave on a microwave safe platter for 15-20 sec. (let cool for handling!) and then add our frosting’s.

The wait is intense we know but the pay off is out of this world.

Important Info

Our Sampler Pack is one of the packages that come to you pre-frosted, and sugared. You may warm this sample pack the same way in the oven only at 150 deg. F for 3-5 min.

In the case you are in a high elevation area the cook time may be less.